Is Bitdefender the Best Antivirus for Mac OS?

The choice of antivirus is a very delicate decision since it influences a lot. When thinking about the best antivirus for Mac, Bitdefender is probably the most obvious and expected solution. It’s one of the leaders of the market as a very reliable antivirus for any device. The company offers various sets of features and different annual plans. Depending on your needs, you can pick the one that suits you the best and pay for the features you use only. Let’s go over the main peculiarities of Bitdefender for Mac and find out if it’s suitable.

The main features you are sure to like

Bitdefender is extremely popular because it has excellent core protection. It can stop and prevent all sorts of threat, viruses, malware, etc. Besides, it also comes with a list of additional features that make this software very configurable. As it was mentioned before, the more features you get, the higher will be the price. If you want the biggest bundle, Bitdefender Total Security will be the best antivirus for Mac. It’s the fullest version that delivers everything this company has to offer. You are sure to get such features as:

  • A VPN,
  • Excellent core security,
  • A password manager,
  • Social network security,
  • Rescue mode,
  • Webcam security, etc.

You can trust this software because the results of the independent lab tests have shown excellent protection from all sorts of threats.

The price

When looking for the best antivirus, Bitdefender is not only excellent in performance, it’s also great when it comes to the pricing policy. You are sure to like the long-term plans (like annual, 2-year, etc.) as they bring down the cost to less than $3 per month. Besides, using 1 account, you can cover several accounts simultaneously which makes the price look even smaller. Secure all the devices in your household, including MacBook, with one subscription.

Extra perks you need to know about

The interface is very simple and user-friendly. The main window will quickly lead you to most features with one click. You can navigate the windows even if you are a beginner. While the software is highly adjustable, you don’t have to change the setting. The automatic set up will bring you enough protection. On the other hand, if you are an advanced user, you can adjust the configuration.

Bitdefender users will also deliver you high-quality help and assistance. You may contact the professional via live chat, e-mail or phone. Every user also gets access to the knowledge base. It’s full of short and long articles to answer the most common questions and help you solve most of the issues. You are sure to find some how-to videos, access forum, etc.

The conclusion

Even if you own a Mac OS-running device, you still need antivirus protection. Bitdefender is likely to be the most suitable choice since it’s the best antivirus for Mac. Aside from that, you’ll get a few tools for secure online browsing. You can boost the performance of your laptop or PC as well as get protection from threat, viruses, and malware.