3 Most Promising Trends in Data Security and Their Impact on Commercial Transactions

The understanding of information security as a field of activity is constantly changing, the market is rapidly segmented, new directions appear and old ones disappear.

The Impact of Data Security of Commercial Transactions

Computer and information technologies have embraced all sectors of the economy today. For any modern company, information becomes one of the main resources, the preservation and proper disposal of which is of key importance for business development and reducing the level of various risks. Information security is becoming an urgent problem for enterprise and commercial transactions.

Protection from hackers and industrial spies has always been one of the most important aspects of any commercial transaction. And even if ensuring information security may be perceived as a technical task in its essence, in reality, it is the basis of doing business, because the competitive position and financial health of any company may be at risk. Along with the development of information technology, the scale of threats to corporate infrastructure is increasing. If earlier (and now too) a folder with the inscription “Case” was hard enough to steal, today all accounting can easily fit on a flash drive. Therefore, world leaders should know the list of the most important trends in the field of information security.

The long negotiation phase of commercial transactions with data room virtuelle in the field of information security testifies to the high importance of the issue for the subjects of the negotiation process. The negotiation process will continue until the acute international crisis balances fear between the parties and international cooperation moves to the implementation phase, which, given the importance of this issue, promises to be effective. The escalating interstate contradictions and the arms race in the information sphere create conditions for the transition from the negotiation phase to the implementation of the agreements reached.

What Are 3 the Most Promising Trends in Data Security?

Today, at a new stage in the development of digital technologies, one of the main challenges is the exponential growth in the quantity, quality, and variety of relationships between organizations, citizens, and socio-economic systems, accompanied by a leaping dynamics in the number of transactions and the volume of data circulating and leading to more complex and synchronized integration “all with all”, the consequences of which are not yet fully understood. Take a look at 3 the most promising trends in data security:

  1. Industrial espionage.

Today, industrial espionage has become so commonplace that soon everyone will stop paying attention to it. According to research on the Ukrainian market, 65% of companies have faced data breaches and industrial espionage in one form or another. But every such leak can cost a lot of money.

  1. Supplied base stations and wiretapping.

Nowadays, the smartphone has become an integral part of our life. Everything is in it. Our contacts, connections, personal data, everything that the attacker wants to take over. Mobile protection is more relevant than ever. Indeed, now, having spent several hundred dollars, on ebay you can get a portable station for intercepting mobile calls and messages. This strange name means the development of automation tools for risk management, document management, etc. 

  1. Cloud service security.

The crown of synchronization of all your devices can be called cloud storage. Access your documents from anywhere in the world with a wireless connection. 10 years ago it was something of a kind of fantasy, but today we no longer pay attention to it.