The Pros and Cons of Avast Antivirus

Avast Company is a giant in the sphere of antivirus software. It delivers a wide range of products to protect the devices that run on different operation systems (Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS). Hundreds of millions of users worldwide use it daily and trust the software with the protection of their personal data and devices. Today we’ll take a look at Avast Antivirus, its pros & cons as well as compare the free version to a paid plan.

The general overview

The antivirus software is a bit bulky that’s why you need to make sure your device meets the minimum needs. Windows running devices needs to have at least XP (SP3) version or Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. The PC should also have 1.5Gb free space on the hard drive and 256Mb RAM. You won’t need any special skills to install the program. Run the installation file and follow the instructions (like deciding which folder to install it into, etc.).

In addition, you need to decide which version you wish to get. You can install Avast Free Antivirus or get a Pro version. The latter one offers you 30 days for free which is more than enough to test the software and make up your mind about the purchase. Avast Pro has a number of improvements and tools that proactively protect your PC. Aside from the core antivirus, they include:

  • Wi-Fi Inspector;
  • Rescue Disk;
  • Software Updater:
  • Real Site;
  • Sandbox.

Each tool aims to maintain your PC safe from all sorts of threats and malware. As soon as it detects a breach or catches the suspicious file, the user gets to choose what to do with it. The options include Delete, Repair, Chest or No Nothing.

Using the section with Antivirus, you can run different sorts of scans: A Quick Scan, Folder Scan, USB Scan or Boot-Time Scan.

In order to stay up-to-date and be able to catch the newest threats, Software Updater section exists. It downloads the latest vital improvements on its own and offers to get the new changes.

Other tools like Sandbox let you use the apps or open files that you don’t trust. A similar thing was developed for online browsing. Use Real Site tool to check if the website you open is official and real instead of a phishing scam.

The pros and cons of Avast Antivirus

The advantages of the program are:

  • A lot of features in both versions
  • Very configurable and can be set up to your preferences
  • Good URL filter
  • Convenient to Use

Consumers who sign up for the products of Avast should find it easy to use because even a beginner could operate it off – the-board. It is also fairly easy and fast to install; no experience in IT or antivirus is required. It can be used for multiple devices after it has been mounted.

The antivirus provides a centrally controlled interface that enables you to view all of your workstation, desktops and other tools. The console is where Avast monitors both behaviors and behavior on your phones. It also gives a quick rundown of your computers and networks ‘ current security status. It has automatic reminders that hold you in contact with any major changes and upgrades.

Avast for Business is a cloud-based antivirus that prohibits consumers from engaging in hardware deployment. Consumers that need the skills of customer support may request help easily through chat or e-mail.

  • Automatic Updates

You don’t have to make every effort to patch the antivirus because it is already finished. The upgrades occur automatically, usually without users being aware of the process.

  • Security for Your Business

The paid plan includes the latest version of Avast for Business Antivirus that provides virus protection for multiple platforms such as PC, Macs and servers, as well as software virtualization and additional Firewall protection for remote devices and database safety.  Another security feature that it provides is that consumers may provide additional protection to the emails of their clients.

In addition, every user gets extra tools like Password Manager, Cleanup Premium, Game Mode. If you get a Premier Security System, you’ll also get a Secure VPN, File Shredder, and a Personal Firewall.

However, there are a few things that need improvement. They include:

  • Privacy Risks

This displays information like your IP address and location and advises that you use the Avast VPN for your personal information security. There is also a pop-up named “Launch your free trial” which allows you the chance to openly check premium features.

You have an option for now to miss. But if you press, a pop-up with privacy risks should appear.

  • Pop-up Windows

On the main screen there is a big banner that says “Thanks for joining Avast” This is a nice present to improve the safety of your device. Disable it. Delete it. Clicking unwrap shows a pop-up that depicts discounted prices for the program’s paid models. This popup does not uninstall.

Once I received an Avast Free Antivirus pop-up that told me my webcam might be in threat. He instructed me to authorize the software to enter the camera and after I did, he informed me that the attacker could see that. Yeah, this is a great Avast trick, demanding to allow the web cam to use and warning me about its weakness.

If you skipped before, one of the premium features is the Webcam shield check. Such subtle approaches to get the consumer to buy a product are what they consider scareware techniques, often used by the malicious antivirus programs.

  • The price (which is higher than the average)
  • The results from the independent test labs are good but not excellent

All in all, the antivirus offers decent protection and a variety of tools to meet the expectations of every user.