The game-changing service for making Online deals

In recent years, a new trend has emerged in the field of online commerce – customer-to-customer (C2C) sales, where an individual seller offers goods to the buyer directly, without going to stores or online advertising sites. For example, he can place ads for the sale of goods on his page on social networks or advertise the product on the same Facebook or Instagram. This approach is strikingly different from the shop-buyer scheme. 

Service for Secure Transactions on the Internet

Sales methods are seriously harmed by the problem of lack of trust between buyer and seller because they most likely do not know each other. Often the seller demands money for the goods in advance because he is not sure that the buyer will eventually buy the goods. At the same time, the customer does not risk making a prepayment, because he is not sure about the quality of the goods offered and the reliability of the seller.

The new Escrow Box service is intended for the electronic data room. This is a platform for making secure transactions on the Internet between seller and buyer, who are unfamiliar with each other and therefore do not trust each other to the fullest.

By registering the sale of goods with the help of Escrow Box, the seller receives guarantees that the buyer is solvent and interested in buying the goods. In turn, the buyer does not risk anything, because if the product does not meet his expectations, he will return it to the supplier and immediately get his money back.

Why Should You Trust Services for Making Online Deals?

The idea resembles a freelance database or secure transaction services, but the difference is that you can fix anything: even a verbal agreement. Let’s say you are a freelancer and you are offered a job for a percentage. You may be interested in this, but you doubt the honesty of the client. Here you can protect yourself because if you break your word, everyone will know about it. However, if all obligations are fulfilled, you both are in the black – after all, you publicly kept your word. And now you can refer to your reputation.

The model is simple:

  • two or more people register on the portal;
  • open a deal;
  • describe and confirm the conditions;
  • upon completion of the transaction, the results are summed up.

Did you like the product from the seller who sells the product through social networks, and you are not sure about the quality of the product or the honesty of the supplier? Offer to place a secure transaction on the Escrow Box. An honest seller who is confident in the quality of the goods will not refuse.

The procedure is quite simple. Having created a link for payment, the seller sends it to the buyer via SMS, email, via any messenger, or otherwise. By following the web link, the buyer indicates where to deliver the goods, after which he pays for the goods and their delivery. The money from his card is transferred to a secure Escrow Box account and securely stored there until confirmation of successful completion of the transaction.

If the goods meet the expectations of the buyer, he picks up the parcel, and the money is immediately credited to the seller’s account. If the buyer refuses to pick up the parcel, the delivery service returns the goods to the seller.