How Reliable Is Avira Antivirus?

Antivirus protection is essential for safe online browsing. It’s also critical when you use USB drives and hard drives that don’t belong to you. They might have some infected files or malware. Hundreds of millions of users prefer Avira Antivirus as their protection software. It has some string sides but yet, there are weaknesses that make some people use other software. Let’s find about everything you need to know about the program to make a decision whether you need it.

The pros and cons of Avira Antivirus

The advantages:

  • Excellent scores from independent lab tests.
  • Blocks malware.
  • There’s a free version.
  • Delivers a range of additional programs.

The disadvantages:

  • Slow scanning speed.
  • Doesn’t protect all browsers.
  • Phishing detection should be improved.
  • Sometimes sees reliable software as malware.

The interface

Avira’s main window simple and laconic. It has a white and gray color scheme. There’s a big button in the center to start the on-demand scan. The rest of the scan options cover full, quick, and custom scans. A user can also control 4 main modules that include Real-Time Protection, Ransomware Protection, Web Protection, and Mail Protection. However, these are only for users with a licensed version. The subscription is quite affordable and costs about $60 per year (just like most antivirus software). You can also look for some coupons and look out for discounts to get a lower price.

The peculiarities of the program

Avira Antivirus is very popular because it allows installing lots of extra tools to protect and manage your PC. Some of them are completely free of charge. For instance, start with Avira Connect App. This utility helps you manage and run all Avira products.

You may also benefit from getting the Avira Phantom VPN. Its servers are located in 20+ countries and add another layer of protection to your online browsing. In addition, you get other advantages any VPN provider offers:

  • Unlock restricted by the region websites and content;
  • Hide your IP;
  • Shop in foreign online stores;
  • Stay anonymous, etc.

Avira Software Updater Pro automatically delivers you the freshest version of the program to keep the high level of protection against the newly appeared threats.

Avira Home Guard can also come in handy. It shows you every device that is connected to your network (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

In addition, Avira Privacy Pal is used to check all your privacy settings and fix the vulnerable ones. You can use it to clear the traces of your computer and browser, too.

Finally, Avira System Speedup was created to find junk files, registry problems, etc. and remove it all. The software also has the following features:

  • Boot Time optimization,
  • Power Management,
  • File Encryption,
  • Secure Deletion,
  • Backup, etc.

The verdict

Avira Antivirus has good ratings and is very popular among average users. Its free version is definitely worth a try if you are looking for a free antivirus program.