Avast Safeprice Overview

Avast SafePrice was created as a shopping plugin to send users the best deals for shopping. This plugin analyzes the search for your products and provides the most profitable and interesting offers for the products you are looking for. So, the plugin allows:

  • search for the best products for the best deals
  • selection of the most trusted sites
  • assistance in finding the most profitable hotel rooms, etc.

Avast SafePrice acts as an add-on to the browser and is easily disabled if you do not want to use it.

What are the Advantages of Avast SafePrice?

This plugin is created by real cybersecurity specialists. Therefore, it cannot be said that the developers of one of the best antiviruses in the world will begin to make malicious additions. This tool was created only to save the client’s time, therefore, it is enhanced with a number of additional functions:

  • search and provide positions with the best prices and discounts
  • selection of the most reliable and status sellers
  • adequate pricing system
  • friendly and clear setting system
  • switch to hidden mode if you do not use the plugin

the user sees the latest offers, without having to visit sites

At the same time, the plugin is designed so as not to overload the system and

Your browser. By the way, Avast developers assure that the plugin is not dangerous for your computer and your data.

All Personal Information is Immediately Deleted

The work of the plugin is based on Avast’s collaboration with Ciuvo. When you visit sites, the data (note that we are not talking about personal data!) Is transferred to Avast servers, which then transfer to Ciuvo. As part of your desired products, this system selects the corresponding results and provides them to you. Personal data is erased.

A special browser line will display the search results of the system, and the same line is automatically hidden. Therefore, the company’s goal is not to lure your data, but simply to make shopping more practical and profitable. Therefore, you will receive offers only from reliable sites suppliers.

How to Disable SafePrice?

If for some reason you need a plug-in or simply don’t need it, then simply disable this tool. When you first launch SafePrice, you will see a welcome window explaining the functions of the plugin. There you will find instructions on how to disable it. The easiest way to disable or even remove SafePrice with a browser and its settings. There, by activating or deactivating the buttons, you can disable or even remove the plugin if there is no need. Avast Safeprice in any case, contrary to popular belief, this is not a virus, but just a marketing supplement.